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Berganti Bikes: More than a bike rental

Full range of sports nutrition. | Stylish Clothing
Official Shimano Dealer
Cleats, maps, CO2, shoes, helmets

At Berganti Bikes, we offer all the complementary material you would need to enjoy a great cycling holiday. We have all the best cycling brands, the Spanish CATLIKE or MET with amazing prices, all Shimano components, Northwave, MUC-OFF or 3-action among others.

Has it been a long cycling week? Sports nutrition, chamois creams or muscle relax creams can be found at Berganti Bikes.

Your holidays can be the perfect moment to replace your old helmet or shoes. Discover new seasonal collections every year at Berganti Bikes! Do not forget to check out our in-house designed cycling apparel brand for high-tech high quality kit with modern and stylish designs.

The Berganti Bikes shop is open daily (from Feb 1st to November 30th) from 9 am to 13:30 and 15:30 to 19:00. Yes! Daily!! Even weekends and holidays!

There is no need for a packing list, we have all the gear you need!

Bike workshop

Open 7 days a week
Full service to any bike
Professional mechanics
Quick & fast service

Do you need to service your bike? At Berganti Bikes Workshop, we do not only take care of our rental bikes, we can also offer full service for your bike.

Are you bringing your bike to Mallorca and need some help to re-ssemble it? Do you need new tyres, to tune your gears or centre your wheels? No problem, our professional mechanics can do that and more. Our workshop is open 7 days a week as well.

We offer fast service, keeping in mind that you need your bike urgently!

We will give you a budget without any commitment, and we can have your bike ready within hours.

Feel safe with Berganti. Our mechanics are always updated with continuous training.