Costa Blanca - A paradise for cyclists

Costa Blanca is a popular spot for cyclist all year around due to its mesmerizing landscapes, rolling hills, smooth and paved roads, and beautiful weather. Costa Blanca stretches over 200 kilometers on the Mediterranean coastline and offers its visitors aqua waves, soft sand that softly captures their footprints and much more.

If you talk about Costa Blanca with a cyclist, you’ll see their face light up with joy and delight as they think about the vibrant and fresh air, pleasant weather and overwhelming scenery. It offers cyclists everything they need to make their ride comfortable and memorable. Costa Blanca is a paradise for cyclists.

It has over 300 days of sunshine every year with November to March being the most attractive months for cyclists.

Costa Blanca offers a Mediterranean climate that is ideal for outdoor activity. These features of Costa Blanca make it an attractive winter cycling training camp destination for professional cyclists.

Cycling routes in Mallorca
Pick your favorite cycling route

There are multiple routes to follow each offering its unique views and experiences. The smooth roads rush down before you as you progress forward and the wind gushes against your face and through your hair as you race against in.

Remember to look up while cycling at intervals so that you don’t miss out on the beauty and grace of Costa Blanca. Mountains, blue clear water, miles of soft glittering sand are the most common sights you’ll see, and you will never get tired of them.

Sa Calobra cycling route in Mallorca
Take a break, explore Costa Blanca

If your muscles get tired by cycling for hours, you can give them a break and time to recover. In the meantime, you can explore the towns and villages of Costa Blanca and visit its different towns which radiate its history, culture, and architecture. Benidorm is an ancient fishing village which has preserved the historical charm with its narrow small streets, traditional houses and sheer roofs. It is now a popular Mediterranean holiday destination for tourists. Benidorm has loads of exciting and thrilling spots for you to explore. You can climb up the Mountain Puig Campana, which offers a breathtaking view of the city from the top.

Benidorm has a wide offer for tourists so you will not have any problems to find tapas bar, restaurants and cool places to relax with a drink at night. You can also make an excursion to visit Santa Bárbara Castle (Alicante) and get to know about the history and culture of the area. Or visit the Arab baths (Elche) which are very well preserved and super fun to walk through. Other option would be shopping around town and visit amusement parks like “terra mítica” or “Aqualandia” when traveling with children.

Sa Calobra cycling route in Mallorca
Enjoy the delicious food of Costa Blanca

Food is necessary to keep your muscles working, and Costa Blanca offers its visitors a wide variety of café and restaurants with delicious food. You could stop at any of the fantastic cafes and catch healthy bites and yummy snacks.

For lunch, you could have Xiuxos, sweet pastries filled with cream and covered with sugar. If you’re cycling in the winters, you could enjoy a bowl of soup and end the night with a glass of wine.

Sa Calobra cycling route in Mallorca