Heaven is cycling in Mallorca

Mention Mallorca to a cyclist and you'll probably see his eyes glazed over. He'll probably squeak with delight thinking of the smooth, paved roads perfect for cycling and the stunning scenery you can see while you cycle round the hairpin bends and gentle rolling hills.

Mallorca is perfect for cycling.

Nestled in the blue Mediterranean sea, this beautiful Balearic island has everything for the cycling enthusiast. Hot, sunny summers and warm winters where temperatures are between 15 and 25 deg C, the climate is perfect for outdoor activities. Come in spring or autumn and you'll have quiet roads to cycle on in cool, balmy temperatures. It is no wonder that professional cyclists come to Mallorca for their winter training.

Cycling routes in Mallorca
Follow the steps of the great and cycle at Sa Calobra

The hairpin bends, all 26 of them, are legendary. The smooth road winds down before you like a silky dark grey ribbon. Feel the exhilarating burn in your legs as you climb higher and higher. Feel the wind in your hair as you race down. Don't forget to occasionally look up from the road and appreciate the views. Cliffs plunging down to azure blue seas, miles and miles of sand, ocean and craggy mountains of Serra de Tramuntana.

Feeling a little hot and tired? Stop a while and explore the little villages and pretty towns. There is bound to be a gelataria within riding distance. A few scoops of cool, delicious ice cream will cool you down and give you the extra boost to continue your ride.

Sa Calobra cycling route in Mallorca
Have a gentle cycle through beautiful scenery

If hard cycling is not in your list and you prefer something sedate and slower, no one will blame you. It is a holiday after all. There are plenty of great routes for you to meander around on your bikes. Rolling, flat grounds are plenty in an area known as The Interior. You could find yourself riding through perfumed lemon orchards and ancient olive groves. Maybe your route will take you through vineyards where you can stop for a quick appreciative taste of the local wine.

The best thing about cycling in Mallorca is you don't have to worry about impatient drivers honking behind you. Drivers in Mallorca are patient, respectful and fully supportive of the healthy cycling lifestyle. If you are stuck or need help, you wouldn't find anyone as friendly and helpful as the locals in Mallorca

Cycling pictures Mallorca
Rest days in between cycling

Those muscles need to recover and what better way than taking a rest day in between? Visit Palma, the wonderful old town, which is full of history, culture and beautiful architecture.

Explore the Cathedral de Mallorca and gawk at its enormous rose window. Mosey round the former Arab and Jewish quarters and see whether you can spot the Arab Baths. There are plenty of shopping around town and museums galore too. You can choose to visit contemporary art museum or even a toy museum. Break your rest day with visits to cafes and restaurants, dotted around town.

If you really cannot stay away from cycling, even on a rest day, you can hire a bike and leisurely ride down the promenade. The views around the bay is lovely and you head down the marina or check out the main harbour with its collection of luxurious yachts.

Things to do in Mallorca
Wonderful food for cyclists in Mallorca

You can't cycle on an empty stomach. There is plenty of good food in Mallorca. Start your day with ensaimada, the sugar-dusted yeast bun available only on the island. Lunch could be delectable filled pasties or pa'amb oli, Mallorcan bread with salad, cured meats and cheese. For winter, hearty rice soups will fill your belly. End your hard day of riding relaxing over tapas and wine. Perhaps you still have one last burst of energy? Why not head out to town and check out the nightlife?

And after a full day of cycling and partying, drifting off to sleep in your comfortable, soft bed will be a breeze. And if you fall asleep dreaming, you'll dream of the perfect cycle in Mallorca.

Cycling breaks in Mallorca