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Frequently asked questions
Best cycling destinations and cycling holidays?

We, cycling lovers, are incredibly lucky as the world offers a huge range of amazing cycling destinations. Spain, Italy, France, the States, Canada, Japan, Chile, you name it!

According to Google, "cycling holidays in Mallorca" is the most searched term. The reasons? Roads in the island are amazing for cycling, but they are also wonderful in Italy or France. But Mallorca offers optimal weather conditions; temperature, daylight, forecast reliability. Also, cycling trips are cheaper to Mallorca than to the Alps. Finally, Mallorca and its Tramuntana are easily reachable from most of the european cities, which makes it the perfect spot for cycling weekends or short cycling breaks.


Best cycling routes?

There are countless cycling routes in Europe, they all are different, charming and unique. We would love to cycle them all!

Since we were small kids, we have been on the bike cycling all the routes in Mallorca. We know pretty much every single corner on the island. Famous cycling climbs in Mallorca such as Sa CalobraCap FormentorLluc, and other less known such as RandaSan Salvador and many more.

We have prepared a wide selection of GPX routes for you, you can download them for free on your device if you have a reservation with us.

Best time for cycling in Mallorca?

If you are looking for a short answer, that would be... "It depends"

Most of us, cyclists, believe that Spring (March, April and May) is the perfect moment for our cycling holidays. After the cold winter in many European countries, everyone is anxious to ride again. And generally we agree. Weather is perfect down here in spain, hotels and air tickets are more affordable than in Summer.

Also, Autumn (September and October) is very popular and almost as demanded as Spring. Now, everyone wants to ride before the winter comes, In Winter, many poor bikes get locked in a corner for few months.

But in the last couple of years, we are seeing a higher demand for Winter and Summer. Winter is very smooth in Mallorca and Alicante, with very nice temperatures to ride during the whole day, and with very cheap hotels and airfares. In Summer is quite hot in the middle of the day, but if you do not mind waking up with the sunrise, you can ride on empty roads for couple of hours with a very pleasant temperature. Temperature which is again great before the sunset.

Best bike hire in Mallorca?

We have the best road bikes for hire in Mallorca. Aero bikes, carbon bikes. Di2, disc brakes, carbon wheels, 32T cassette. Also, MTB, touring bikes, city bikes and e-bikes.

But of course, it is not cool to talk good stuff about oneself. We invite you to read our customers opinions on google, tripadvisor or facebook.

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