At Berganti Bikes we are very demanding with our bicycles, and put a lot of effort and dedication to keeping our fleet always up-to-date and in perfect condition. Thus, our mechanics check them constantly. Every time a bike comes back from a hire we check it completely, whether it has been out for 1 day or 2 weeks.

Even so, there are times when it's not possible to anticipate all the situations which could arise because even though we'd like to, bicycles are not perfect machines, and nor are we!

This is why we at Berganti Bikes offer roadside assistance every day of the week to attend to any breakdown or fault you may suffer during the period of hire.

Minor falls or accidents could make it impossible for you to continue with you route and this is why, and for your reassurance, we offer you free roadside assistance during our opening hours, seven days a week, and we commit ourselves to reaching any point within 80Km within at most 1 hour (always provided that the conditions of the access routes allow this). If you're just tired or get a puncture... we're not coming to your rescue! Thus, from the first day we provide you with the kit necessary (tyre levers and a spare inner tube) so you can yourselves change the tube and there's no need to make you wait. For all other situations, you'll have a visiting card with our phone number and times, and you'll only have to phone us. Don't forget... You're not riding alone!

  • Roadside assistance 7 days a week
  • Without additional cost
  • We arrive in 1 hour wherever you are
  • Puncture repair kit included