AUGUST 14 / 2019

Nutrition in training camp

Written by: @laurunning90 


First things first: Training camp is not the right time to start a diet. Some of you might want to lose some kilograms you've gained over the comfy and delicious offseason.

But starting the season right and get some basic miles in is more important. So the body will need the energy to get the engine going.


Starting off the day

Fueling up before, during and after riding is very important for any athlete to get better and stronger.

Especially at the beginning of the season, the body might need some more carbs before it gets used to the long rides again.



A healthy choice can be a nice bowl of cereal with some fruits. You’ll find very ripe and sweet fruits on Mallorca, so it’s a great option. Grab an extra banana to eat before or on the bike.


On the bike

If you are well prepared you might bring the food you are used to and know your stomach can handle. In case the extra weight didn’t fit in your suitcase, Berganti will offer a variety of sports nutrition.

If you’re heading into race season, you can already test your race nutrition on the long rides.

And of course it’s a holiday, so please enjoy yourself! Stops at cafés for a good Espresso and some cake because soul food will make you happy. I enjoyed Can Salom in Petra for a coffee ride.



The good news: food is part of your recovery – YAY.  I highly recommend a recovery protein shake within 30minutes after the ride, which will cover the needs of your body. Good recovery shake contains carbs, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They also prevent you from eating all the junk food as the shake will satisfy the first hunger.


At dinner, you can carb up for the next day.

¡Buen provecho!