MAY 17 / 2019

Test new bikes on real roads

Written by: @lizkefotografie


Buying a new (or maybe your first) bike is always exciting – and also not an easy decision as bikes are expensive and you need to make sure the bike fits you well. What size should you take, what geometry fits your needs and how will the bike handling be in real situations?


When you buy your bike you are usually only able to sit on it for a few minutes and when you order it online you can’t even test it at all. When you are thinking about getting a new bike why don’t you combine your decision with a trip to Mallorca? As a Ridley test center Berganti Bikes offers a great variety of different frames and bike models.


Before getting my first TT bike (time trial for triathlon) I was so insecure about the optimal frame size as especially on TT bikes it is crucial that your bike has the right size to be able to ride in a comfortable yet aerodynamic position. If the frame is too big or small you won’t be able to deliver enough the power to the pedals and your arms, shoulders and neck will suffer a lot. The sizing of TT bikes differs the one from road bikes in many ways – so it wasn’t really helpful that I knew my road bike frame size.


In late 2017 I went on a short cycling trip to Mallorca and took the chance of testing a Ridley Dean TT bike at Berganti Bikes. We switched the size from XS down to XXS (!) which I probably would’ve never thought of without testing. I tested the bike for some days on the island and then in the end I knew: I want a Ridley Dean in frame size XXS.


Back home I ordered the bike at Ridley and ever since have been happily riding my time trial bike on races all over the world – and I wouldn’t trade it for any other bike. :-)


Same also applies also for road bikes of course. If you are unsure about the sizing of your frame and all other relevant components – Berganti offers a big variety and the mechanics are always happy to switch parts to make your experience as comfortable as possible!